Industries & Applications

  • PTFE can be manufactured into many forms. Teflon® is a type of PTFE which comes in a paste and was once commonly used to correct vocal cord defects. Other forms of PTFE include strands, sheets and tubes. ePTFE is a woven form of PTFE that creates a mesh-like structure. It is flexible, soft and strong. ePTFE implants are porous so they allow the body’s tissue to network and grow into it. However, even though the implant is permanent, it can be removed if necessary. Gore-Tex® and SoftForm® are U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ePTFE implants for facial augmentation. Gore-Tex S.A.M. (subcutaneous augmentation material) is a new solid Gore-Tex implant that is available as solid tubes, preformed shapes and patches. It is also possible to carve the material into customised shapes to improve the outcome of nasal and chin reconstructions or cosmetic augmentations. PTFE and ePTFE implants are not as hard as silicone implants.